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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Post Harvest Fest

My wife and I had a blast at HarvestFest 2011 in Thornton, CO. For all the great people we talked with, thank you very much for stopping by and we are very glad to have met you face to face.

With some people we discussed more involvment with the SCA group in our area. I did a horrible job giving the proper information out to the officers in the local area. The people you should speak with are THL
Conrad von Zollern and Katelin De Irelande. Press them with questions like where to meet, what you enjoy doing or what your interests are, and they will help you get started and involved with renaissance reenactment.

This blog is short and I will have another post as to why we haven't blogged since June and all the blessings Christ has given my wife and I.