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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Being Busy in a Good Way

   Our hands have been very busy even after the cancellation of ThorntonFest. We dedicated our efforts to finishing and shipping the order for Diane in Oregon. She had a unique order for a burka dress and apron designed to reflect equestrian riding, specifically Icelandic horses. The finished product looked like this:

I stayed busy making a playmat for a friend that ended up looking pretty decent:

As for this week, we are making a very special necklace for an event coming up this next weekend. It's a gag gift between some friends and we'll be more than happy to post some pics once the product is finished. On top of working on that, I'll show you the new style of chainmaille I'll be making an item out of:

When we make things with our hands, my wife and I speculate at the grandeur of what God has created with his hands, and we praise Him and honor Him for His works. Amen!

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