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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Final Leg

    Hello and Happy Sabbath to you all! My wife and I are celebrating the Holy Sabbath of the Lord Jesus Christ by resting. Alot! We had a rough week when our refrigerator freezer fan stopped working and we were scrambling to save what foodstuffs we could from spoiling. After a screwdriver and a shipped part that arrived later, we were back to having a functional fridge.
   This last week we had a sum of money hit our Paypal account. We both thought someone had bought a steel chainmaille vest through our Etsy website.

   We investigated and discovered instead that a kind lady in Oregon had bought a Burka Dress & Apron attire set. So my wife and I were both ecstatic and going crazy because we're now a week away from ThorntonFest and we had already been trying to build an inventory of handmade cards and chainmaille jewelry.
Pink and gold Persian 3-in-1 chain weave

So we're resting this day and are both gearing up for this last leg of the workload before setting up our booth at ThorntonFest this Saturday. Business is sometimes overwhelming, but it's great to be busy doing what we enjoy. Take care and God Bless!

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