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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A long time coming.

It's been a long time since my last post and a tremendous amount of change since then. I really will try to boil down a year's worth of events, so here it goes.

My wife and I moved to Texas from Colorado and bought a HUD home with 3 acres of land. For the last year we've been renovating the house, cleaning 4 inches of leaves off the land so that the grass can fill in, learning to grow vegetables, cleaning fallen limbs and trees from the ground, and building out a shop to make armor in.

The shop is a tremendous blessing, and I am thankful to God to have it. I can return to making starter armor for the aspiring new medieval combat reenactment cadet. This is the most recent creation, available for sale at my Etsy site:

I always praise Christ for His works in my life. I left Washington state about to commit suicide and in a deep depression. I surrendered my life to Him and became His servant and pursued His purposes for me. I never would have begun to think I would be married, own a house, and be building a business.

Here are some other photos of what we have done in the last year. May your day be full of joy in the LORD.

  Gone fishing... with Redfish Charters

The work shop when it was started...
...and the shop when it was finished.

Starting our fall gardening area.

Might be blacksmithing in the near future. Because it's metal!

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