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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Early Beginnings - (Jon H)

My wife and I enjoy life tremendously. It has its ups and downs, but we look up to Christ in all things so that the downs become a perspective to the idea that our lives are actually pretty far from truly being down or in a rut. I come from a CNC machining background, my wife from a CPA background. What we greatly enjoy is crafting, and the items we craft we give thanks to the Lord that we have the hands to make them and the minds to create them in almost any fashion the buyer sees fit. Our only limitation really is the tools we have at our disposal. I keep trying to convince my wife we need an embroidery machine to expand on our clothing potential, but she reads me perfectly and sees that, although there's potential for embroidering business income, that really what I want is a machine with a computer that I can program and run. Ah well, someday we'll get that machine.
What we enjoy creating for our customers are handcrafted cards for the holidays or for any special occasion or holiday. We also make simple renaissance attire for the person interested in starting in their local medieval group(s), and we also make chainmaille shirts and jewelery for medieval or modern day dress. We would implore that our readers visit the following links to see what we create. Thanks and good day! ,

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