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Monday, April 25, 2011

The short road to a public festival

ThorntonFest is coming up on May 21st and we're working hard to get a decent stock of crafts to sell. Today my wife and I prayed for greater focus in completing our tasks on hand and after our bible study, I returned to finishing a chainmaille bag I had begun. This was what it looked like:

The soda can's identity was kept secret for its own safety.
It somehow struck me funny that the "soda can" had a chain headdress on it. After amusing myself about this and realizing I will probably be the only one who sees this as funny, I got to the task of completing the chain bag. A few hours later and...

Voila! Done and done. It holds soda cans, bottles, dice, rocks, small children (not really), marbles, or any small objects you might need to throw at people (we do not condone ANY violence). Considering how many pieces I would like to have for our upcoming craft show, it is very gratifying to have this done and off my plate. Praise you Lord for keeping my hands strong and my mind focused!

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